Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A Savvy 12 Year Old

Hello, hello, hello my savvy community. I'm so glad to be back on here again. I hope that you have all been keeping well. The weather has taken a turn for the grey here in the UK.
I have been educating my daughters about being savvy with their income - yes, they get paid a salary on a regular basis( and if you want to know why I do so, visit my Facebook business page for a live video replay called DumbKids #TeachThem).
Anyway, it's so funny when my 12 year old daughter asked me to purchase some bits that she 'wanted' rather than something that she 'needed' - there's a difference
between a need and a want whenever we are spending money. So, for example, she collects all mannerisms of colouring pens and pencils and she just never seems to have enough. She's an architect in the making. Automatically, I suggested that she spends some of her hard earned money....
The look on her would think that the world was about to come to an end. Even worse, as she blatantly refused to spend any of her money on purchasing such items. Ask me why? She doesn't want her savings to fall below the amount of money that she has in her piggy bank??? 
I couldn't help but do a secret fist pump knowing that the penny had finally dropped.
Ah, my 12 year old understands what it really means to spend with a purchase(I'll do a separate blog on this, if I haven't already done so). No one wants their savings to dwindle below a set amount - whatever that amount may be.
I have so many stories that I can share with you when it comes to money and my 2 daughters. However, for now, the moral of my blog is to stress the importance of teaching kids from a young age the value of money - it goes without saying.
If she's not willing to fork out for a 'want', neither will I.
I wonder if she'll be asking me for some money so that she can purchase something for my birthday which is just around the corner - watch this space.
Until the next post, be good and keep smiling. If you are eager to get your hands on more of these types of nugget information in between my blog posts, check me out on Facebook using the above link. I'm also pretty busy on instagram. 

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