Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Don't You Dare

Hello loves. How's your day, week and month been so far? I'm guessing that it wasn't all that bad. Mine has been fairly eventful...

My girls are into what I call girly type sports and because of this, there's never really any positive aggression during competitions.

Well, the other day, I attended my very first outdoor rugby match. I was dreading being outdoors in freezing conditions, but elated that I was going to see a live game. Although I am into watching a variety of sports, rugby wasn't one of them.

However, my young nephew was in action and knew it'd be a great game. I'll let you know what position he plays next time.

So the games began - and I want you mums, dads, nans, granddads and so on to confess here!!!

Suddenly, the boys get into a scrum(I'm not showing off here, I think that's what it's called when they pile on top of each other) for whatever reason. And my first thought as the aunt on the sideline was to mutter under my breath.....GET OFF HIM, YOU LITTLE SO AND SO

To make matters worse, I found myself clocking 1 or 2 of the opponents whilst I continually muttered all sorts under my breath - no profanities though. Honestly, I don't remember what I said.

Even after the game, the positive aggression was still running through my veins - lol as I know a lot of you can identify with this scenario.

The moral of this little story is that as family, we instinctively protect our own even when we aren't thinking of it per se. If you haven't ever experienced this situation but have had opportunities to do so - I employ you get out there. The adrenaline is at it's highest when watching a live sports event.

I've added rugby to my list of liked sports.

On that note, I'm signing out. Just keeping smiling even if you can't be good all the time.

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