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Monday, 18 May 2020

Kids Shoping Online

Kids Shopping Online
Hey hey PYCR kiddo,

It's been a while since we spoke. Hear this, if you need to buy things like stationery online, try Ali Express. The thing about Ali Express is that you would have to wait a little for your items to arrive. It's worth the wait too. A lot of their shipping if free too.

One other place you should check is Instagram. There are so many giveaways taking place right now.

Kiddo, freebies are the BEST!

P.S.S. - be safe shopping online. Get an adult to supervise where you are shopping online. Be careful who you give your name or address to online.

P.S.S.S.- I forgot to ask how homeschooling is going? I'm guessing you can't wait to get back to school.


Until next,

Much love.

P.S.S.S.S. - The video below will take you our YouTube channel. ALWAYS ASK FOR PERMISSION FROM AN ADULT.